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Artist Statement

In this new collection, the artist Lhunatica offers a fabulous poetic journey with nostalgic tones and intimate accents. Each creation is a glimpse of unique and intimate moments of her own life. With finesse, the features of her characters embody her experiences, her relationships and translate nostalgia as well as the subtle and sometimes invisible wounds. In this fantastic universe, each work is endowed with a strong symbolism related to water, more precisely the sea. Water is meant to be used as a symbolism to represent the purifying benefits of this element, a blessing that allows each of us to reinvent ourselves every day. While our souvenirs are still part of us, water cleanses them and helps us see with new eyes what once was. Every little detail in this collection refers to a particular experience. The LEGO-like flowers, the moon, the birds and the koroks and the origami all have a personal resonance that makes sense only to the artist, while the rest of us are left to interpret freely. Through this collection we can feel the magic of her art and the sweet intimacy of her Souvenirs.



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