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peculliar journey

Hey there, I'm Lu, but you might recognize me by my artistic name, Lhunatica. I'm just a Venezuelan artist navigating the intricate world of creativity, and my work is a compilation of delicate beauty, poetry, and a deep love for Japanese culture and Greek mythology. My artistic journey commenced under the cultivated influence of my grandfather, a true visionary who cultivated my creativity and ignited my fascination with the arts. I have vivid memories of him drawing hummingbirds for me, imparting his skill and teaching me how to create my own. One defining moment that solidified my decision to become an artist occurred during a family trip to Spain, where we visited the Prado Museum. It was there that I encountered Velazquez's masterpiece, "Las Meninas." This experience unveiled the profound power of art, making me feel simultaneously filled with beauty and yet smaller than a dust particle drifting through the wind. In pursuit of new horizons, I embarked on a journey to France at the age of 22, seeking refuge from the political situation in my homeland. The French state granted me political refugee status, providing not only safety but also the opportunity to pursue my artistic dreams. This decision not only ensured my well-being but also opened doors to significant artistic growth, allowing me to establish deep connections within France's vibrant creative community. Being a foreign artist brought its challenges, but it also instilled resilience and served as a wellspring of inspiration. The fusion of my personal experiences and diverse cultural encounters enriched my artistic expression, infusing my creations with unique perspectives and narratives that I hope resonate with those who come across my art. My artistic endeavors are fueled by a passionate curiosity to explore new frontiers where art and technology converge. I love diving into cutting-edge innovations like augmented reality (AR), 3D, and lenticular technology to push the boundaries of visual storytelling. With a penchant for experimentation, I seamlessly integrate these technologies into my creations, opening doors to immersive experiences and unveiling new dimensions of artistic expression. Through my art, I aim not only to connect with you on an emotional level but also to serve as an example of how challenges can be transformed into catalysts for artistic growth. Thanks for reading and being a part of this incredible journey with me!


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