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Blue is the saddest color

Artist Statement

Blue is the saddest colour is a collection of artworks that tells a story about our relationship with God and how in our darkest hour he finds unexpected ways to reach us. The story begins with an angel called Hope, who receives a message from God that has to be transmitted to these young women who struggle in life. The message, though beautiful and encouraging, was a warning to let her know that her path was a path of solitude and introspection, and to become illuminated and be part of his kingdom she had to accept that she would have to walk alone and to the eyes of everyone she would seem mad. But accepting this path would free her from all the judgments and all the pain that some relationships can cause in life. Inspired by the story of the Mad men from Khalil Gibran Kahlil and sharing some symbolism with the path of Jesus Christ, this story is meant to reach the women that walk alone and have become the overachievers on this world that is mostly controlled by men. The utilisation of the colour blue and the radical change of my colour palette was meant to disrupt the belief that blue is the colour of men. Cold, uncaring, and can dampen spirits, in this artworks blue is the saddest colour, but is not all there is to it. Blue is also the colour that represents depth of the Sea and the kingdom of heaven.



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