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Digital painting made with Procreate. 100cm x 74cm.


The condor, "King of the skies" granted its status as the primary spiritual messenger of the "upper world" to the hummingbird. The hummingbird is seen as the key to the next stage of development of human consciousness and is a symbol viewed in many cultures as a symbol of wisdom. Incan legend tells that there was a contest between the condor and the hummingbird to see who would be the next ‘’king of the skies’’. The condor said he could fly to the edge of the sky and the hummingbird said he could fly beyond the edge to the center of heaven. When it came time for the contest, the hummingbird didn't show up. The condor took off and flew to the edge of the sky at which point the hummingbird emerged from the condor's feathers and flew beyond to the center of the upper world.⁠

When the hummingbird got to the center of the upper world, he found a garden. In it there was Wiraqocha, the Divine Gardner, King of Heaven, Lord of the Upper World tending to his garden. Unable to slow down at this altitude and fueled by victory's sweet fire, Hummingbird collided with Wiraqocha.The result was an ecstatic merging. A connection without any separation. Hummingbird had become One with God. And still today, nothing has changed. Condor remains King of the Sky and is connected to the Upper World, but Hummingbird is the Carrier of Sky Power and new initiation.




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