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I'm a young artist from Montpellier, and I'm humbly introducing my latest artistic endeavor: digital painting. If you're interested, you can explore my exhibition, "Pink Memories," which is currently on display at La Tribu in Montpellier until February 12th.

In my series, I've been exploring the idea that consistently taking the right path might just be the key to navigating even the most intricate maze. It's as if there's a singular route that may lead us to our true place, our ultimate destination. This particular labyrinth presents itself as a straightforward journey, devoid of detours or personal choice, guiding us inexorably towards an unchanging destiny.

But there's another labyrinth, one woven from the myriad paths we've forged through our endeavors and failures. Here, embracing the experience of getting lost becomes an integral part of the journey, echoing the delicate choices we confront in life.

In my artistic perspective, I've come to see these two labyrinths as coexisting seamlessly, serving as two facets of the same existence, collectively crafting what I like to call "the paths of life." It might appear perplexing – how can these seemingly contradictory labyrinths exist side by side? I ponder them much like I do the concept of time itself. Life, right here and now, in this very moment, can often feel like the labyrinth where we frequently lose our way. It offers us an array of choices, as numerous as the pathways that stretch out before us. Some may lead us back to our starting point, while others could propel us towards our destined endpoint. However, as long as we endeavor to view the labyrinths of our lives through the prism of the present, they will persist in their non-linearity, resembling an enigmatic and intricate tangle.

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