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Young Montpellier artist, Lhunatica offers a new art: digital painting. Her exhibition "Pink memorie's", or "Pink memories", can be seen until February 12th, on the walls of La Tribu in Montpellier.

A labyrinthic series

It seems that if you always go to the right, it is possible to get out of the most complex labyrinth. A single road that would lead us to the exact place where we are supposed to be, our true destination. This labyrinth appears to us as a path without detours or free will, leading us to an unchanging destiny. The other labyrinth is a tangle of paths marked out during our attempts and failures. Here, getting lost is part of the experience. As in life, the choices are delicate.

For Lhunatica, these labyrinths coexist. They are two sides of the same coin and work together to create "the paths of life". How can we understand this incoherence? How could these two types of labyrinths coexist? She thinks of them as she thinks of time. Life, now, in this moment, in this present could be the labyrinth in which we get lost. We would then have as many choices before us as there are paths to take. Some might lead us back to our starting point, others might lead us to our destiny. However, as long as we try to look at the labyrinths of our lives through the prism of the present, they will never seem linear and will appear as a senseless tangle.

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