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Pastel and gold portrait illustration

Digital Painting

  • Introduction to Digital Painting

  • Fundamentals of Drawing

  • Color Theory

  • Digital Brush Techniques

  • Composition and Perspective

  • Digital Painting Styles

One on One
Character Art girl with dragon

Character Desing

  • Fundamentals

  • Anatomy and Expressions

  • Props, Accessories, and Genres

  • Final Character Illustration Project

  • Style Exploration

  • Portfolio Development

Group Session
Close up portrait illustration rococo

Digital Portrait

  • Fundamentals of Facial Anatomy

  • Photobashing

  • Color Theory and Brush Techniques

  • Expressive Portraiture and Lighting

  • Final Portrait Project: Concept to Execution

  • Portfolio Development and Industry Insights

Digital painting with pastel colors

Augmented Reality

  • Overview of Spark AR 

  • Understanding the basics of Creating AR experiences

  • Creating 2D concepts for Ar Experiences

Peonia flower illustration


  • Introduction to Procreate

  • Brush Techniques

  • Layers and Blending Modes

  • Project Demonstration

Pastel portrait illustration
Pastel portrait illustration


  • Introduction to Photoshop

  • Selections and Masks

  • Layers and Adjustment Layers

  • Brush Techniques

  • Color Adjustments

  • Project Demonstration

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