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The Hidden things

Artist Statement

A Covid Inspired Collection Monsters, demons, ghosts, and specters—our narratives often emerge from the depths of our most profound fears. But could it be that these captivating yet disquieting tales conceal deeper truths? "Hidden Things" is an evocative collection of artworks that draws inspiration from the darkest recesses of human experience—emotions we strive to conceal beneath the guise of fantasies and fragmented stories. This collection finds its artistic roots in the pastel aesthetics of the Japanese art style known as "Kawaii," meaning "cute." Yet, it also delves deeply into symbolism and surrealism, where the ordinary converges with the extraordinary. Each artwork in this collection seeks to unearth our vulnerabilities, invoking an empathic connection that bridges the divide between the viewer and the artist. Our goal is to cultivate a profound emotional resonance, where shadows transform into understanding, and empathy becomes the brushstroke that unites us all. Created during the COVID-19 confinement period, this art collection is the result of an intense period of reflection and creation. Explore "Hidden Things" and delve into this artistic exploration of human emotion through works inspired by both the past and the present.



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