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Artist Statement

The freedom to dance, the freedom to be, and to exist. Made with the aesthetic style of Ming ceramic, the porcelain dancer, although fascinatingly simple, carries a lot of hidden significance. The Ming porcelain like all porcelains is not a noble material, it’s a simple mix of argyle and cobalt that has transformed itself through a long process of heating. To finally become this beautiful and smooth material that captivates us. So pure and flawless, what it used to be dust has become sacred. All of this transformation can be translated to the process of growing up and the steps that we have to go through to become aware. The choice of a Ballet dancer is meant to represent freedom. But to me Freedom has two sides. One side is what people see when they see someone who is free, the beauty, the grace, the happiness etc. But the other side is only for those who have walked it, because only they can truly understand the beauty and the pain that comes with iit. The ballet dancer gives us grace, shows us fragility, and yet they have incredible strength and admirable determination. They endure terrible pain to follow their dreams, but like most women they don’t let us see the scars, or the suffering, through their elegance, all we can see is freedom, beauty and art.



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