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From the moment we are born we are constantly bombarded by the thoughts and beliefs of those around us, our brain feeds on all these ideas and creates its own conclusions. However, Plato spoke of an intelligible world, the magical place where ideas are created, because according to him they are not our own but belong to this invisible and intangible space.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves the following questions: do ideas really come from the beyond, or are they the side effects of our conditioning? And if so, can we really realise that we are conditioned and therefore try to think differently?

Fictional novels like "Brave New World" try to answer these questions by showing us a dystopian future where society is entirely conditioned by their fertilisation. This fictional society seems to work perfectly, but when we get to know the characters we realise the psychological effects of the conditioning.


This project addresses the issue of conditioning and tries to answer the question: "Can we get out of our conditioning?


The answer to this question is ambiguous, when a person is conditioned it is very hard to see beyond their own perspective, there must be external factors influencing their thinking and guiding them away from their reasoning, however if they are very comfortable they may also find excuses to ignore these influences and choose to look the other way.


In conclusion, conditioning can be an unconscious imprisonment as well as a choice. The decision is ours.

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